The Mapping Beirut Print Culture  (MBPC) project has generated a large database of locations of print culture in the greater Beirut area.   These are preliminary results. There are no doubt errors. We will be cleaning these data, and making maps of different aspects of them.

These maps are best viewed on a full screen or tablet (rather than a smartphone). Some of the interactive capability may not be available for tablets.

Map 1: An interactive general map of bookstores, bookstore/publishers, publishers (Wrisley)

Map 2: The same data overlaid onto an interactive map of 2014 land values in the city of Beirut (Wrisley)

Map 3: An interactive map of bookstores that have closed in recent years overlaid on the AUB Neighborhood Initiative Data concerning Building Permits Issued (Wrisley)

Map 4: A static map of stationery stores compared with the AUB Neighborhood Initiatives map of cultural spaces in Ras Beirut (Bohsali).


Map 5: A static map of bookstores specializing in comic books and real estate values (Malaeb)

Screenshot (42)

Map 6: Economical or free books (Itani)

Map 6: An interactive map of café bookstores (or more generally print culture locations with coffee) (Barrage)

Map 7: A static map of Armenian bookstores in greater Beirut (Massoud)

Armenian bookstore map

Map 8: Bookstores selling religious books, books about religion (Al Kaisy)

Map 9: Static maps that show bookstores and publishers that opened during the civil war (1975-1991) vs after (Tannous)

IMG_8369 IMG_8370

Map 10: Bookstores and publishers versus a map of the historical expansion of Beirut (Al Chami, Wrisley)

Map 11: An interactive choropleth map showing the locations for which the database contains year of establishment. The color ramp from dark blue to white to dark red indicates the time period 1944-2015 (Wrisley)

Map 12: Another version of Map 5 is visualized in the form of an interactive time slider, Click here (Wrisley)